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Seller FAQ's

Why should we hire Opulent to sell our property?

You should hire us for the same reason that many owner/investors do, they know that they can depend on us to get them the most money, in the shortest amount of time, with the fewest headaches. Our Sophisticated Seller Program offers benefits that the average agent does not.  We have a massive database of both investors and tenants alike both whom buy properties, unlike the traditional agent we have this deep database to present your property to and cultivate referrals for it. Our program also offers a reduced commission of only 4.75% to put more money in your pocket, a cancel anytime policy and the right to sell your home yourself and pay us nothing.  Why pay more?

How do you find buyers for my property at the reduced commission? 

Our Sophisticated Seller Program is designed to only to execute and correspondingly charge you for the highest and best use of both time and money. We have created a program that includes only the best services we would implement if we were to sell one of our own properties.  We hire only the best photographers and our internet presence is top notch! You will be featured on hundreds of websites including all of the top funnel syndicate sites such as Zillow,, Facebook Marketplace and more.

Does your fee include the MLS?

Yes indeed.  We offer 3% to the buyers agent and we retain 1.75% as lister. 

Shouldn't I choose a neighborhood specialist?

Although there are neighborhood specialists whom market themselves that way - buyers come from all over.
They come from out of state job transfers, they are renters now buying, real estate investors and the list goes on.  
We might even argue the other direction, that a small single agent working a small neighborhood area simply does not have the reach your property may require.  Again, the majority of agents will all have you on MLS, will all have you on the internet, will all put up a sign, etc.
In addition to these standards, we can offer an impressive database with both real estate grabbing investors and tenants whom are soon to be buyers.

When should we sell our Home?

This of course is dependent on your unique circumstances and reasoning behind selling. 
Spring and Summer tend to move properties quickly in Arizona as the kids are out of school and parents tend to prefer uprooting the household when the kids are not tied down to homework, activities etc.  We will work with you and your current circumstances to come up with the perfect listing date.

How should I prep the house for sale?

Clean things up. No one wants to buy a dirty house. Or, in reality, only bargain seekers are going to be highly interested in a cluttered, messy home, because they assume they can get a great deal from an as-is seller. If you want reasonable offers, you need to remove clutter and clean thoroughly.

Make needed repairs.  Broken door handles, missing tiles, stained carpets—there are probably several little jobs that need to be done around your house before you list it. The more of these small, cheap fixes you make, the more desirable your home will be. Proper home maintenance shows you care for your property. There may also be big jobs that need to be done. Talk to us before you invest in any major repairs, just to be sure that doing so will benefit your sale as you expect. Doing your part before the home is listed for sale is also a side benefit to being ready for the future home inspection.

Take great pictures. Taking amazing photos of your listing is critital. You need them to stand out and it takes talent and practice to produce those kinds of pictures.  We have used many photographers and now the best of the best.  Once the property is ready we will schedule the photo shoot with a professional (at our cost).

How do we determine the value of my property?

What real estate agents do and what appraisers do are a bit different. The result, however, is getting to what a buyer will most likely pay for a property. Both appraisers and real estate agents use what’s called comparable sales or “comps” to determine fair market value.  We perform what’s called a comparative market analysis.

More than likely the report generated will include the following:

  1. Closest homes in similarity that have sold in close proximity to the property.
  2. Similar homes that are currently under contract but haven’t closed yet.
  3. Competing properties that are currently for sale in the general price point.

The most important data is what has sold. The least important is what is currently for sale. The price for these homes can change at a moments notice. You never want to hang your hat on what someone thinks their home is worth.

The analysis will compare your house to other properties that have sold. The evaluation will include the following points of interest.

  • The size of the home, or more commonly what’s referred to as the square footage. While size is a crucial variable, unskilled agents will use this as the end all be all in comping properties (not a good idea).
  • The style of the home – for example, is it a colonial, contemporary or a raised ranch.
  • The number of bedrooms.
  • The number of bathrooms.
  • The condition of the property.
  • The amenities such as central air, central vac, alarm system, sprinkler system and a whole host of others that affect value.
  • The age of the house.
  • Ages of mechanical and structural components such as roof, heating and cooling systems.
  • The desirability of the lot.
  • The appeal of the neighborhood or school district.

Should I price my property high initially?

One of the most popular questions a seller will ask us pertains to pricing and negotiating room. While you can certainly factor in a bit of room for negotiations pricing the property too high is one of the biggest home pricing myths in real estate. There is a lot of unnecessary risks that come from pricing a home too high. While you may think that you are giving yourself room to negotiate, too high a price is more likely to drive off potential buyers.

The longer you have the home on the market due to a high price, the more of a stigma that home develops. If the price is too high, you may not get any offers and be forced to relist the house for a lower price. When this happens, your home will certainly be viewed as a problem home by many buyers. Why else did you have to lower the price?

Instead of pricing high, price right. Work with your agent to find the perfect price.

With your reduced commission, do you still do open houses?

Many homeowners think that an open house is an essential marketing activity. They are not! Who can blame a seller though when a significant percentage of real estate agents promote them like they are necessary to sell a home.

You see all the open house signs around town and think this must be important. WRONG!

The dirty little secret in real estate is that open houses benefit real estate agents, not home sellers. Any serious buyer is going to schedule a showing with an agent. Open houses do not sell houses.

What they do is bring people into your home that don't belong. Why would you want to have unqualified buyers walking through your door? Worse yet why would you want to dramatically increase the odds of potential theft or damage to the home. Outstanding real estate agents always discuss the pros and cons of holding an open house.

In additon, social media has presented an opportunity for virtual open houses!  We have the ability to have your listing show up on the social feeds of individuals located within a certain zip code, map area, income range, buying habits etc.   This is the new more effective "open house" that can instantly market your home to thousands of prospects.

How often do you update us on showings?

We update sellers automatically twice per month (once mid month and once at the closing of the month). This will include the stats we have and any pertinent feedback. Should we receive any feedback that merits immediate communication we will reach out accordingly.  We additionally keep an eye on the days on market, active competition and make suggestions on price reductions as required.

Do you have contractors you can refer to help prepare the property?

Absolutley!  Being we are an investment real estate company we work with vendors/contractors literally every day.  We have affordable vendors for carpet, painting, handyman, etc!  We are more than happy to help you assess and even help schedule vendor quotes asap!

Final Thoughts:

As a home seller, it is vital to ask your real estate agent all of these types of questions. Homeowners who are educated about the selling process usually have the least amount of problems in a sale. Be sure to hire an agent who is going to go above and beyond your expectations. So many sellers make mistakes choosing an agent. By asking the right questions, you’ll improve your odds of working with an agent you love. Never underestimate the importance of asking a real estate agent lots of questions.

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